1. Cutting Your Energy Bills

      Valley Mechanical is passionate about energy efficiency. Many of our commercial HVAC services will help your HVAC system to run more efficiently. One such service is a duct leakage test. If your ducts are leaking you could be spending untold amounts unnecessarily This is good not just for your bottom line but also our planet. Anything we can do to reduce our collective carbon footprint bene…Read More

  2. Tips to Stay Cool in the Office

      Valley Mechanical is dedicated to making sure your commercial building has the most efficient, cost effective heating and cooling. We want your employees, tenant, and customers to be comfortable. We perform regular maintenance checks and tune-ups and can perform a systems operations analysis to avoid breakdowns, and avoid unexpected repairs. We also perform duct tests to see if you are payi…Read More

  3. Stay Cozy for the Holidays

    The holidays are almost here! You've probably already set up your tree, decorated your house, and you may have even done all of your holiday shopping, but are you really ready for the holidays? If your HVAC is in need of repair, then you could end up having a pretty chilly holiday. If you want to avoid this, and you would love to stay cozy during this wonderful season, then it is time to contact u…Read More

  4. 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Go Green

    Have you been thinking about going green with the help of Valley Mechanical Corporation’s team of talented commercial HVAC service pros in San Jose? If so, you will be glad to know that now is a wonderful time to do so. Making the choice to go green is not just a trend anymore, it is the new way to do business, and in the ever changing world of business, you either keep up or you fall behind. Ho…Read More

  5. Processes and Protocols – Part 2 – Commercial HVAC Service, San Jose

    Some of the most frustrating problems for any business owner to have are the atmospheric problems inside his/her’s building. The inside environment in a commercial property is something that needs to be comfortable for both employees and customers, which is why we take such serious tactics in our servicing. We know that this is one of the most important attributes to running a professional busin…Read More

  6. Our Commercial HVAC Service in San Jose Benefits Us All

    With the way that our state’s microclimate has been fluctuating in temperature differences throughout the last few years, it seems to be only getting worse. Since our state is one of the leading states on energy efficiency, we are happy to help conserve energy for our fellow Californians. “Going green” is no longer a choice, it’s a must-do. You need to decide whether you want your commerci…Read More

  7. Commercial HVAC Services In San Jose Can Be Energy Efficient

    With the way that most companies and businesses are trying to become more self sufficient and energy efficient with their heating and cooling, we thought we’d like to propose our related services. “Going green” is one of the coolest and smartest things a company and/or business can involve themselves with these days. It has been proven to be a far better solution than trying to substitute so…Read More

  8. Top of the line Commercial HVAC Service in San Jose right here

    There might be other options out there, but we guarantee you that none are better than us right here at the Valley Mechanical Corporation. We provide the absolute best and most affordable Commercial HVAC Service in the greater San Jose area. With it being the holiday season, the chance are great that you and your family or friends could be doing a little entertaining this holiday season. Therefore…Read More