Residential Services

Residential Services

Valley Mechanical has been serving Silicon Valley since 1994. Our goal is to take the intimidation factor out of purchasing your new home comfort system. We do this by providing you with the information you need upfront before we even talk about offering you solutions.

We have developed a process that will walk you through step by step and when YOU are ready we will be more than happy to discuss your options and answer any question you might have. Our home comfort experts are here to match you and your home with the correct system that you will be happy with for years to come. They can also solve problems like uncomfortable areas in your home or noise unit issues and the right indoor air quality system.

More information coming soon! Reach out today to get a quote on your residential project.

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As millions of people move into home offices, ensuring comfortable air quality has become a top priority for many of our customers

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Air conditioning repair

Our top-notch air conditioning repair services could be the difference between a stiflingly hot or a cool refreshing summer.

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energy saving programs

Through our retro commissioning program we can lower energy bills, reduce down time, and decrease premature failure