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What Is the Valley Mechanical Family Program?

Our Family Program is a community of members at Valley Mechanical that provide top heating and cooling services. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping the costs of your heating and air duct costs to a minimum.

Our members get access to exclusive discounts and promotions on services and products. We prioritize caring for you! We want to help our family and be there for you when you need us. Contact us today to learn more!


Why Should You Join?

Become a family member with Valley Mechanical. Just like a family member is always there for you, so will we. When your air conditioning goes out in the July heat or your furnace in the cool December air, we put your needs FIRST.

At Valley Mechanical, we care about your health and safety and the air you breathe. Our new loyalty program grants access to our members to receive great benefits such as discounts and promotions you won’t want to miss out on as a homeowner! Learn more and sign up for our Family Program for heating and cooling today!


What is Included:

  • Regular scheduled visits

  • System Inspection and Tune Up

  • A fixed annual fee to fit your system and budget

  • Analysis of system operations by trained professionals to avoid unexpected and expensive repairs

  • Priority Service

  • Extended equipment life

  • Warranty protection

  • Computerized record of your maintenance history

Our Family Program includes Return-on-Investment energy-savings paybacks and equipment life analysis to reduce downtime and repair costs. We offer multiple maintenance programs to help suit your priorities, budget, and comfort needs. Our programs are designed to prevent unnecessary expenditures by identifying problems well in advance.

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Who Are We?

At Valley Mechanical, we provide both residential and commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services in the San Jose and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to serving our clients like they are our family! If you are a homeowner in San Jose, California we encourage you to check out our new loyalty program. Sign up for our Family Program today!

Valley Mechanical was established in 1994 to provide superior services. Our excellence can be brought to light from our happy customers who receive quality services time after time. We put priority on your indoor air quality, especially as the seasons change.


Residential Services

At Valley Mechanical, we don’t ever want you to have to worry about the quality of the air you breathe in your own home. Nonetheless, our services save you money and energy at the same time! We pride ourselves on being energy-efficient while making sure the air you breathe is filtered and lasting.

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