1. Allergens and Your HVAC this Spring

    It seems as though no matter where you live, spring is full of allergens in the air that you can guarantee will leave someone irritated. As the owner of a commercial building, the last thing that you’re likely concerned with is how you’ll react to the allergens in the air, and more on how the dozens, if not hundreds, of people that will be walking through your commercial building, will be affe…Read More

  2. Most Common Issues with Commercial HVAC Systems

    Keeping a commercial business comfortable is difficult, especially with the amount of space that you’re working with and how many people you have to account for. Overall, the level of comfort that you are able to provide allows for people to get work done and not have an unbearable time at the office, so it makes sense that you’d want your HVAC system to be working as intended. At Valley Mecha…Read More

  3. Save HVAC Energy With These Window Treatments!

    Windows are an essential part of any home. They provide views, light, and security. However, they also can make heating and cooling efficiency a struggle. Though there have been many innovations to windows, they simply cannot provide much insulation. As a result, they are a burden to your bank account. The good news is, there are things you can do about it! Awnings An awning can shade the entire s…Read More

  4. Questions to Ask HVAC Contractors Part 4

    When it comes to the comfort and health of your employees and customers, your HVAC system is incredibly important. Not only does it keep the air temperature where it needs to be, it brings in fresh air and prevents your facility from getting toxic. Finding a great HVAC contractor can seem daunting, but it's easy when you have great questions to ask. When you ask all the companies the same question…Read More

  5. Myths About Commercial HVAC Part 1

    When it comes to commercial HVAC systems, everyone has different ideas. Some of these ideas are downright incorrect, and they turn into myths that hurt commercial HVAC owners. At the Valley Mechanical Corporation, we have run into many myths about HVAC, and we are here to clear them up so that you can make the best decisions for your HVAC system. It is responsible for the comfort and health of eve…Read More

  6. Does Your HVAC System Have a Coolant Problem?

    If you’re looking for the best commercial HVAC systems in San Jose, you’ve found them. Valley Mechanical installs the very best HVAC systems at affordable prices, and our services are available to you. Give us a call today - there’s no obligation and no risk. We would love to help you. We know that during this time of the year, when summer is getting its last super-hot days in before fall, m…Read More

  7. Revitalize Your Commercial HVAC Systems in San Jose

    Saving time, money and energy is what we do best for commercial buildings and businesses. Our effective commercial HVAC systems in San Jose are some of the best around, not to mention the fact that they are fully equipped with the technology required to provide fantastic energy savings. We love how much of an approach to energy savings we take, especially in the prolifically positive feedback we g…Read More

  8. We’ll Maintain your Commercial HVAC Systems in San Jose with Confidence

    Maintenance is needed in order for all things to survive, living and non-living. Without maintenance, a plant can wither away and die. Without maintenance, a commercial HVAC system in San Jose can stop running and die. So, if you own or operate a large commercial facility and you have some worried concerns about your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system not running appropriately, you s…Read More

  9. “Gone Green” Commercial HVAC Systems in San Jose are Very Popular

    Energy efficiency is our passion and lust in life, period! All we want to do is make things more affordable for our clients while simultaneously making our products, installations, and services more beneficial for the environment. We understand the drive to “go green,” as our perception of the world and the way it should work is exactly aligned with this broad endeavor. Going green is exponent…Read More