Valley Mechanical has been providing Commercial HVAC service since 1994 and has some summertime tips for commercial and residential HVAC customers alike.


Check your Filter. When the airflow through your HVAC system is hampered by excessive debris on the air filter your system has to work harder to push the air through. When your HVAC has to work harder, your energy bills go up. Additionally, the indoor air quality of your home or facility will be negatively affected.


Clear the Unit. If your HVAC unit is on the ground, there could be grass and other vegetation crowding in around the unit, limiting the flow of air. This will make the unit work harder and will cost you money and efficiency. Keep plants at least two feet away from the HVAC unit.


Clear the Intakes. If your air intake vents are obstructed, your unit will a have to work harder to pull in air to the system. This will make your unit work less efficiently and will make your bills higher. Clear furniture, especially flat backed pieces like bookcases and filing cabinets away from air intake vents.


Use the sun. Using curtains or sun shades can make a significant contribution to HVAC energy savings. Of course, the obvious thing to do is to close the blinds when it is hot out and the sun is beaming in and to let the sun shine in when it’s cold. If you have a building designed for passive solar heating the summer sun will be above the overhang and below it in the winter.


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