Keeping your commercial HVAC system up and running should be a top priority, and the Valley Mechanical Corporation is ready to help ease the burden. We offer world-class HVAC maintenance programs that will keep the pressure off you with regular checkups.

There comes a point in every system’s life when it’s aged enough that it may not be fiscally responsible to keep repairing it. When the point comes to consider replacing a unit entirely, it can be daunting. However, it is important to explore which will cost more money: continuing to repair or buying a new system that will need fewer repairs. You need to get the full picture. In order to do so, consider the cost of the current unit’s care, including the following:


  • The unit’s lifespan can be affected by how it was maintained and operated. It doesn’t matter if a unit is supposed to last 15 years if it has been treated improperly.


  • What kind of equipment is needed to keep it up? Is it outdated? The older a system is, the more it takes to keep it working.


  • Innovations are always being made in the world of power conservation. If your system doesn’t use energy efficiently, it’s definitely time to replace.

At the Valley Mechanical Corporation, we put our customers first every time. We are proud to contribute to the San Jose community by maintaining as many HVAC systems as we can. Contact us today to learn more about how we can create a place for your business to thrive all year long!