Now that New Year finally is gloriously upon us, it just might be time to take care of a few things that nagged at you a little bit in 2013. If one of those things happened to be Commercial HVAC Maintenance in San Jose, well, then, you have definitely stepped into the right place. Valley Mechanical Corporation definitely has you covered in that department.

In fact, we offer a highly reputable Preferred Customer Program, which was implemented to help allow you to extend the life of your commercial HVAC system. In fact, the preferred customer plan that we are now able to offer here at Valley Mechanical Corporation is specifically designed to allow you to save money while maintaining good maintenance.

Our Planned preventative maintenance contract provides:

▪ Extended equipment life

▪ A fixed annual fee to fit your system and budget

▪ Warranty protection

▪ Computerized record of your maintenance history

▪ Priority Service

▪ System Inspection and Tune Up

▪ Regular scheduled visits

▪ Analysis of system operations by trained professionals to avoid unexpected and expensive repairs

We encourage you to review our Website to gain a better understanding of all the services that we do have available for you here at Valley Mechanical Corporation.