In California, we do not experience the dramatic winter weather of New York or Colorado, but as cooler temperatures approach, it is just as important for us to winterize our HVAC systems as anyone else. We will explore 4 easy ways to make sure your HVAC system gets through the winter and is ready to keep you cool in the hot summer.

  1. Check and update your thermostat

    • If you have an older thermostat with mercury in it, it is likely quite inaccurate. Inaccurate thermostats always lead to wastes of energy – and your money. We advise that you update your thermostat to digital, which is far more accurate and has the added feature of programming. If you have a digital thermostat already, check it to make sure it is doing what you want. Depending on the size of your home, you may have more than one thermostat. Make sure each one is performing the job you need it to.
  2. Change your filter

    • Did you know your HVAC system has a filter? Sometimes, an underperforming system does not need repair – just a clean filter. Current HVAC systems come with reusable filters that can simply be rinsed and put back. If you are not sure where your filter is or how to clean it, contact Valley Mechanical today.

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