Did you know that the Department of Energy estimates the average building’s ductwork has about 30% leakage? That means that you’ve lost 30% of the air you’ve paid to heat or cool. Testing your ducts and repairing leaks can make a huge financial difference.

Your heating and cooling ductwork is simple. It has two sides: supply and return. Leaks on each end cause different problems.

  • Supply: Leaks on this side cause expensive conditioned or heated air to be dumped into spaces that don’t need it, such as crawl spaces, attics, and garages. Your equipment has to work extra-hard to maintain the desired temperature in spaces that actually need it.
  • Return: Leaks on this side leech outside air into your heating and cooling system, taking the system’s effectiveness way down. Additionally, these leaks pull dust, mold, insulation, and other exterior contaminants into your conditioned space. Worst of all, these leaks can cause spillage of combustion appliances – pulling CO and other toxic materials into your spaces.

When your ductwork is tested, we will bring in a fan that puts medium pressure on your ductwork. This will make it easier to locate and measure leaks as well as air quality. Once we have a full picture of the situation, we can quickly work to seal up the leaks. You will be amazed at the results!

Don’t put duct testing off. It has direct influence over your finances, your comfort, and your health. Call us for a test today!