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Valley Mechanical is a full service heating, ventilating and air conditioning contractor that’s been servicing the Bay Area since 1994. We have a specific focus on Energy Savings, Indoor Air Quality and Comfort. Our goal is to provide practical solutions with measureable results while you benefit from a healthy and comfortable environment. This will save you energy, money and most importantly help reduce our carbon foot print from a global perspective.

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HVAC and Energy Saving Programs to Help Your Business Thrive

We offer A number of HVAC related services, including maintenance, service, and repair. No job too big or small!


Through our retro commissioning program we can lower energy bills, reduce down time, and decrease premature failure.


Extend the life of your commercial HVAC system! Ask about our Preferred Customer Plan! This plan can help you save lots of money for the future!


Valley Mechanical is a full service heating, ventilating and air conditioning contractor that’s been servicing the Bay Area since 1994.


Serving San Jose and Surrounding Areas

See what makes our Commerical HVAC services a step above the rest


Our first contact with Valley Mechanical Corp. was a referral from PG&E, as a qualified service provider. We were inquiring about PG&E's hvac tune-up program. The service provided was outstanding, our units have never worked better and our tenant complaints and energy use have dropped drastically.

Below is a snippet of an email we sent:

"I know it was a little windy up there today but, you guys stuck it out and explained everything in a way that I can understand and communicate the essentials with others interested in the well-being of the building. I love the wifi based energy management system!!!"

Josephine Thompson  
 Redwood Law Center  
Director of Planning Mirador Basin

Valley mechanic is the best choice for commercial air conditioning needs. We offer fast, courteous and complete service for all our customers. We know that when you own or operate a commercial property, the functionality of the air conditioning is something that should go unnoticed. We’ve been servicing single site and multi story building, single zone units to multi zone systems in the Bay area since 1994 and would love to service your building or buildings.


Businesses depend on it, and your business depends on it. We are here to ensure the air conditioning in your buildings runs in a reliable and efficient manner. We’ll keep your air conditioning running as it should, but that’s not always good enough for us. We want to ensure that the building is energy efficient to keep your bills to the minimum. We have a passion for energy efficiency and we provide services to ensure your building is energy efficient. To achieve maximum energy efficiency we also have a program of retro-commissioning.


Our a retro-commissioning program to help keep your bills down. Retro commissioning is when we analyze your cooling system and come up with, and execute a plan for fine tuning your air conditioning system for maximum savings. We test equipment and optimize all units, locate leaks in duct systems. Another thing we check for is moisture. Mold growing in a duct can be a quality of life issue and a health danger. We check for moisture and check for faulty sealants and replace them when necessary. When looking for a commercial air conditioning service, turn to Valley mechanic.

Valley Mechanical Commercial HVAC Repair and Maintenance can keep your HVAC system running reliably and with maximum energy efficiency.